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Dismantling / Felling

  Felling / Dismantling

     Some cases management most reasoned and most reasonable is tree’s suppression. Ethically it often is better to fell tree and replant an adapted species than doing a severe pruning. In this way, several options are possible: 

  • The directional felling: it consists to fall tree in the direction we have chose. To do it, we use techniques to gain time (hydraulic jack, winch…) when it is possible.


  • The simple dismantling: if directional felling is impossible we have to climb until the top of the tree and cut up branch by branch and piece by piece in order to limit damages to plants or grass around.
  • The dismantling retention:

    If we can’t let falling branches and pieces on the ground (because of a roof, a veranda, a road…) we use so techniques called “retention roped up” and/or yodel which allow suppression of the subject without material damages. 


Dismantling of Pine tree

Dismantling rétention

Last edited: 07/02/2017