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Our team

 Théo et Nico dans un micocoulier

Our Team

  Both of us come from the area of Uzès, our career path in the plants world are firmly different but very complementary. So naturally we decided to join forces in Arbre Oxygène in order to share our passion for plants and especially trees. 

   We act on all kinds of works in relation to trees management : pruning, cutting, felling, safety practices, advices… To do that we trained to act in safety respecting trees. We use consequently expertise, equipment and mountaineering techniques but so specific to trees.

(We remind you of this job doesn’t improvise in order to save men as much as trees.)



  •  Théo Girard

   Graduated in “Plant technology” from the secondary school Le Valentin in Bourg-lès-Valence (26), he has deep knowledge in plant biology and plant’s genetic. To complete his expertise, he took a training of climbing arborist in the company Au Bonheur des Arbres in Castries (34). His knowledge allows him to have a scientific approach from ecosystems and plants.

  •  Nicolas Chevillon

    Graduated in “Landscape layout” from the CFA of Agropolis in Montpellier (34) and in “Pruning and trees care” from the CFA of the Condamine in Pézenas (34). He learned techniques of ascent, moving in trees and deep knowledge in specific tree’s biology and pathology. After working three years in the company François et les Jardins, he worked in the company Au Bonheur des Arbres as a climber at famous climbing arborists’s side and in exceptional trees. His professional experience of landscape gardener allows him to have an approach so based on aesthetics and landscape harmony. 


Last edited: 02/09/2018