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  Upgrading of wood and branches from our pruning, felling or dismantling is of course a priority for Arbre Oxygène. It’s our duty to transform branches and wood in order to affirm our ecologic conscience. Actually it’s a great pity to burn branches which can be crushed and used as mulching. And it’s a great pity too to crush wood which can be burned in a fireplace or to burn in fireplace wood which would sculpted or be used in woodwork. 

  We have so established a range of upgrading channels for this vegetal material. So we are proud to manage to throw nothing in the bin and to burn nothing excepted stumps which are for this moment impossible to upgrade. But we are trying to find a way…

Several options for boles and big diameter’s wood according to their species: 

  • Actually species of wood which don’t allow upgrading are conveyed to National Stud Farm in Uzès in order to be transformed in fences for an international championship (CIC in Uzès). In this way, billets of pine nut, poplar or polownia can durably be upgraded. 
  • A part can be upgraded on the work site, being sculpted. This practice isn’t yet famous, but it presents advantages. We can put flowers on the stump, but why not transform it into chair, stool, table, mushroom or totem? It allows prolonging tree’s life. We can answer to all types of artistic creation. 

The rest is divided in two parts: 

  • Branches are crushed and transformed into ramial chipped wood (RCW), very interesting substance. RCW can be used as mulching for clumps or trees. Or it can be evacuated on a stocking platform. 

    For example, pine’s RCW is perfect to fight effectively against adventitious plants in clumps or kitchen gardens. Poplar’s RCW would have antigerminative properties.  

  • The rest of the wood is always recut into pieces of 50 cm. We let it on the work site if client ask, or we carry it on our stoking area: a part heat us on winter, the other is sold. For big diameter pieces, we use a wood splitter and we propose to you this service on the work site in order you conserve your wood to heat you. 

Last edited: 18/01/2021