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« Climbing arborist is enough intimist with Tree to bring his body and his knowledge with humility where his host need them, in order to prepare it to a long future among human beings. »

That’s a so personal and a little bit poetic definition which explains very well our relationship with trees. That’s why, we wrote our own code of ethics which is likely to evolve during our career. 

Quality charter:

I Responsibility:

  • Arbre Oxygène tooks out a professional insurance specific to its activity. So we would assume potential consequences of an incident caused on an element of the frame on the work site. We don’t guaranty damages on the plants in the garden but we promise to do our work with an impact minimum on the biotope. 
  • Pruning allows us to make ornamental trees feel secure in order to reduce the breaking risk. It is impossible to abolish all the risks. The tree is a living structure, which always evolve without norm or guaranty.  
  • Caused by security and responsibility, we authorize no one to stay near trees where we work. In case the client wants to deal himself with wood from our work, he will have to wait for the end of our work. 
  • If we have responsibility of evacuation of the residual wood from our work, we promise to let the work site in the same state of neatness than it was before the work. 
  • We have qualifications to practice our activity legally. 
  • We promise to use right techniques and collective or individual safety equipments adapted to norms and in good condition. 

II Code of ethics:

  • All our pruning are called reasoned because each cut is justified by trees long-term management. The objective is to space out the future interventions on your trees. This management is economic.
  • We promise to organize our work in order to respect pruning period in the interest of plants. 
  • We are interested by all the scientific and technical progress in order to evolve and increase our knowledge of vegetal to serve it the best we can.   
  • We can’t totally know and understand the vegetal biological mechanism. So we will stay suspicious of empirical or anthropomorphic concepts about trees. 
  • In a view of sustained development and the carbon report optimization, we convert your garden’s wood the best we can into firewood, timber…
  • For us, tree is not street furniture. So we keep freedom to refuse to do some work incompatible with tree physiology. 
  • Our individual interest won’t have any influence on advices gave to clients concerning tree management, for example when we advise felling tree. 

By that charter, our ambition is doing a good quality and durable work based on our vegetal biology strong knowledge, on adapted equipment, on legislation respect, tree respect, etc. You have to understand these practices have a cost.

Last edited: 02/09/2018