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Tree support

  Guying consists to tighten a rope between a dangerous branch and a healthy axis in order to ward off a breaking risk of the branch, limiting its moving amplitude (preventive method) or being a weight off (curative method). Guying often is complementary to an adaptive pruning, a reduction. 

  Guying can be very useful because of the advantages. It isn’t traumatic; it doesn’t distort natural architecture or landscaped harmony of the tree because it is so discreet. It’s a good safety method. 

  Technologic progress allows us to use small diameters of rope even for heavy load. For example, a rope of 10 mm has a breaking resistance of 2,5 tons and a 10 years guaranty. We use a technique which allows no making a knot on the rope. 

  Be careful, guying doesn’t totally reassuring the tree. Using that technique combined to raising method, we can limit the risks, but only limit them. We insist on this point and each client has to be conscious of that. We only use this technique in not so dangerous tree’s situation. For example, we won’t guy a hollow branch above a progression.

Last edited: 28/09/2016