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STOP to sever pruning

  STOP to several pruning !

  • Stop to the severe pruning:

   Tree is remarkable because of its gigantic size so we have to respect it. Lots of remarkable trees succeeded in crossing time and staying alive. Some people feel admiration for trees. Unfortunately some of these remarkable trees are dying because of incompatible practices with their survival. Simple precautions often can be take to avoid that. For example we can avoid tarring until the tree’s feet, severe pruning, cutting ground around tree, putting “collar” in the earth. These acts sentence trees to death which generates important pruning/cutting cost. 

  • Some wrong ideas:

NO, severe pruning is not good for trees because each pruning is a potential pathogen’s admission. After each pruning, the tree has to devote its reserves to fight against these attacks. 

NO, severe pruning does not allow to solve shading problem because of next year after pruning shoots and leaves will be bigger, so shade too. 

NO, severe pruning does not allow to make trees feel secure. Shoots on the cuts are not strongly anchored. In addition, these cuts will putrefy faster than tree can heal and shoots will be quickly dangerous. 

And NO, no matter we wait for shooting up again, damages are irreversible. If severe pruning caused decay, tree will become dangerous and you will have to spend lavishly. So NO, severe pruning is not an economic management.

Last edited: 24/09/2016