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Our equipment

  Our equipement:

To act in safety respecting legislation we have to use specific and standard equipment in good condition. 

All our equipment is bought to certified and skilful suppliers. We never buy second-hand equipment. We often control all the equipment and we replace each piece likely to be defective. 

  • The ISE (individual safety equipment) are all the components in the protection of the climbing arborist (safety pants, safety shoes, helmet, ropes, snap hooks, harness…). Each climbing arborist and each worker on the floor have his own ISE. 

EpiEpi corde

  • The retention equipment: is composed of ropes, snap hooks, pulleys, straps, etc., with different carrying capacities. Consequently we can hold back branches or several hundred kilos of chopping blocks. To hold back arborists have to analyse the different factors (weight of the branches, anchoring’s resistance…) in order to use appropriate equipment and to limit the risks. 

Materiel retention

  • The chainsaw park : an electric pruner battery-powered (less noisy and polluting than thermal chainsaw), a pruner for cutting, a two hands chainsaw with medium power for cutting up on the ground and small felling, and a two hands chainsaw more powerful for bigger diameters. 

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  • A range of electric tools on battery : two chainsaws, a blower and a hedge trimmer.  

Tronconneuse electriquemateriel electriquemeteriel electrique 2

  • A wood crusher able to crush branches until 7 or 8 cm of diameter according to species. 


  • A wood splitter with 12 tons power. So we can propose to split the wood from felling work on the spot in order you can use it. Our wood splitter is available too for rent. To know tariff, click here : ArbreOxygene.Location 


  • A stump grinder to fold down cut trees underground. 

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