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Insect eradication

  Insect fight:

  A part of our work consists to reassure trees colonized by nests of insects potentially dangerous for human beings, animals and trees. In our area, there mainly are nests of processionary caterpillars and asian hornets. 

  These types of interventions relatively are dangerous, notably for nests of hornets. Some cases of fatal stings have been inventoried. That’s why we don’t have to make light of that. Don’t try to do something alone. You need a professional. 

  We are educated to intervene and we have the equipment to intervene.

 Processionary caterpillars 

There are several methods to fight against pine’s processionary caterpillars: 

  • Pheromone traps allow fighting against male butterflies. So it limits their reproduction. 
  • The trapping of caterpillars. This method simply consists to set a tr    ap around the tree’s trunk, which allows to collect and destroy caterpillars when they get down from the tree. 
  • The mechanic suppression of nests. It simply needs to cut the part of branches where are nests. 

The interest and the cost of each method depend of the size and the location of the tree and the quantity of nests and of affected trees. But all of these methods are respectful of environment. 

Asian hornets 

Before intervening, we wear a special boiler suit to avoid risks of sting. Hornets generally are suppressed in trees with specific insecticide. Then nests are suppressed.

Last edited: 28/09/2016